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HTX4Ukraine is the proud founder and host of the
Annual Houston Borscht Cook-OffΒ  πŸ’›πŸ’™
Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 16, 2024

Established in 2022, our cook-off was inspired by the documentary "Borsch. The Secret Ingredient" by FILM.UA and Ievgen Klopotenko.Β  BORSCHT ("Π‘ΠžΠ Π©" in Ukrainian) is a coulinary tradition as strong, as diverse and as welcoming as the country it originated from - Ukraine!

No two borschts are ever the same so stop by to discover your favorite one!

Do you share in our mission to
SAVE and PROTECT LIVES in Ukraine?

If the answer is yes - host a fundraiser benefiting HTX4Ukraine! We'll be on hand to help of course!

Drop us a note at info@htx4ukraine.org

More amazing events are coming up... stay tuned

Refer to Facebook events (LINK ) or the GoogleCalendar attached below.