Discharge Petition in the House

The Senate-passed Foreign Aid Package has been put up for a discharge petition on March 12, 2024.
If it reaches 216 signatures, it can be brought to a vote avoiding the roadblocks and delays in the House.

Ukraine is running out of time and the Supplemental Aid vote needs to be voted one as soon as possible.


Urge them to sign the discharge petition (H.Res. 1016) to bring Ukraine aid (bill H.R. 815) to a vote, if they havent done so already.

If they have - thank them and ask them to reach out to their colleagues to encourage them to sign as well.

2024 Ukrainian Action Summit

April 12-16, 2024

Capitol Hill, Washington DC

The theme for this Summit is that “PEOPLE’S LIVES ARE NOT POLITICS.” 

We aim to foster a sense of unity that we hope you will bring to your relationships under the umbrella of the Coalition and convey to your elected officials. 

Our dedicated team is working hard to finalize the upcoming Summit’s details.  

We can guarantee that when you join us for the full Summit, you will:

Hear subject-matter experts discuss Ukraine-specific insights & strategies as part of our panels & conference programming.  

Have more time and a specific space allocated for networking with other members of the Coalition to find synergies & build connections among organizations.

Spend a day dedicated to advocacy training, including a deep dive into local advocacy, relevant legal tips, and a better understanding of media engagement.

Engage in two days of advocacy on the Hill with the full support of our dedicated team. 

Make memories, find new friends, and create maximum impact by advocating for Ukraine.

What do I say when I call?

Please call our Texas Senator:

Also contact your House Representatives as they interact more with local communities.  You can find out who is your representative HERE or survey the congressional districts throughout Texas, some have recently been updated.

Your voice matters - use it for Ukraine!

General Requests

Please be concise and make sure to thank them for taking the time to listen to you. 

If at any time they ask what you want them to do – be prepared to emphasize up to 3 of the key issues listed below. Any more than than this will get everything lost in the noise.

Condemning the illegal abduction of children from Ukraine

H. Res 149  - Condemning the illegal abduction of children from Ukraine to the Russian Federation

S. Res 128  - Condemning the illegal abduction of children from Ukraine to the Russian Federation

More info about the Resolution: Here 
Report on Abductions: Here & Here

Wagner as a Fore

H.R. 506 – HARM ACT

S. 416 - HARM ACT

More info about the Bill: Here More info about FTO: Here & Her

Recognize Russia’s Actions in Ukraine As Genocide: 

H.Res 154

S. Res 72
Helsinki Commission hearing: Here

Why theft of children is genocide

An Independent Legal Analysis of the Russian Federation’s Breaches of the Genocide Convention in Ukraine and the Duty to Prevent

More info here, here and here

And as always, PROVISION OF REQUESTED MILITARY AID AND MUNITIONS, inclding but not limited to long range missiles and F-16 JETS is essential to ensure  loss of lives is minimized at front lines and far behind t

You will likely be asked to provide your name and address.
Please stay on the line, and if directed to do so - leave a message.

More information on the Russia Disclosure rulemaking petition

The petition is now officially registered and available on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website. The public can now provide support/comments. Similar disclosures already exist, e.g. Conflict Minerals Disclosure and Iran Disclosure. 



1️⃣ SEND A LETTER TO THE SEC: Email a note explaining why you support the proposed Russia Disclosure to The subject line of your message MUST include the 4-784 file number for the petition. Ok to attach a PDF.


2️⃣ WRITE TO YOUR SENATORS / CONGRESS REPS (or better call them) - relevant contacts based on your address available here: Request/suggest that they:


(A) Send a letter to the SEC in support of the Russia Disclosure Petition 4-784, and


(B) Support or co-sponsor "HR7228 Reveal Risky Russia Business Act" introduced by Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY), or introduce their own bill 


Why is there both an SEC Petition and a Congress Act pursuing similar disclosure requirements? Good question. SEC can introduce a new disclosure requirement independent of Congress, solely based on the Petition, but it may also deny the petition and do nothing. Alternatively, US Congress can REQUIRE SEC to introduce the disclosure - that's how Conflict Minerals and Iran Business disclosures came to be. Of course, Congress requiring the disclosure in a bill would be optimal. But for now, both paths are viable and worth pursuing.


3️⃣ SHARE THIS WITH YOUR NETWORK, especially on Twitter. Tag political and civic leaders, and journalists who can help raise awareness. 

Thank you to all who have advocated!
On February 24, 2023 City of Houston suspended its Sister City relationship with tyumen, russia

Write, call and visit in person: